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Pay tribute to Julia Child

Julia Child helped bring the intricacies of French cuisine to American home cooks through television series and books. She died Friday in her sleep three days before what would have been her 92 birthday.

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Livers... Don't throw out the livers. You could use them to make a nice paaaahhhteeeeeehhhh'...

richp, plainville ma

I remember being sick in bed when I was 6 years old. I had a TV in my room and it was turned on to WGBH. Even thought I was only 6, Julia really kept my attention and I really liked watching her cook. Ever since that day, I was a big fan of Julia Child. I'm really sad that she has passed on.

Sonia, Braintree

She so reminded me of my grandmother an unfamous cook. To my great sorrow I never met her, but enjoyed her books and TV shows. Especially the one she did with Graham Kerr, I was rolling on the floor they were so funny together. Funny, but one could see the love and respect in every comment. Goodbye Julia, we are lessened by your passing.

Allen, Somerville


Paul , Boston

I was saddened to read of the passing of Julia Child. A true icon. I can remember watching her shows in black and white when I was a little girl. I also liked how she ate at least a little bit of everything. Nothing fat-free or carb-free for her.

Keega, Cambridge

Julia was class without being the prima donna's that we see on cooking shows today. She was wonderful! Truly a legend that will be missed. May her recipes and memories live forever.

S, Boston

It was Saturday evening, October 13, 2001 and my partner & I were dining at the now closed Maison Robert on School Street. Not long after receiving our menus, we noticed a party of several older patrons having a wonderful time enjoying each other and the food. We wouldn't have noticed, except we heard that distinctive voice and realized that it was Julia herself being feted by her Cambridge neighbors on one of her last meals in Boston. As it turned out, it was our last meal at Maison Robert too, and we have always found it special that we got to share it with Julia!

David , Cambridge

Julia, we loved you because you were real. Not a "phony" bone in your body. Rest well and enjoy your Manna in Heaven.

Patricia, Coastal Empire, GA

Always remember her very wise words:
"You can leave out the butter, but YOU'LL BE SORRY!" Thanks Julia!

Paul, Malden

One Thanksgiving, Julia was doing a show on making a great Thanksgiving feast. When she pulled a georgeous turkey out of the oven, it slid out of the pan and skidded across the floor. Totally unflapped, she picked it up, put it back in the pan, and looked straight into the camera and said "nobody saw that". Half of America must have been roaring in front of their tv's... I love the memory. Now that I'm a chef, I love to remember the lady who never took anything too seriously.

andrea, cambridge

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