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Pay tribute to Julia Child

Julia Child helped bring the intricacies of French cuisine to American home cooks through television series and books. She died Friday in her sleep three days before what would have been her 92 birthday.

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Julia has been part of my life since I was a child. I saw her and jaques at bu several years ago and thought it was wonderful

Recently I remodeled my Kitchen and asked Julia for a photo to place in my new kitchen to be displayed with my family, those people in my life that inspired me. Julia is there with them all.

Two weeks ago I mailed Julia a photo of the photo galary.

I would like to express my most sincere sympathy to her family, friends and all of her fans. God Bless you Julia.

marge , e weymouth ma 02189

Growing up, I would sit cross-legged, just inches from a giant black and white television screen, absolutely transfixed by Julia's kitchen mastery. That woman could wrestle a giant slab of beef, lifting and slicing and prodding, all the while providing commentary, partly in French, about how the chefs in Paris might present such a cut. Never arrogant, she always conveyed the demeanor of a knowledgeable friend. There was a serenity in her midst, a sense that she was in control, and what's more, that she was someone who wished you well as you wrestled with your giant cut of beef in your little kitchen, hoping to achieve that gourmet result.

Isn't it funny that she who used butter and cream as liberally as she did French vocabulary should live to such a ripe old age? May God rest her soul. She was beloved, at least in my little kitchen.

Annie, Boston

I first saw her show in 1969, just after I had graduated from college. I stumbled upon her show while trying to find a movie to watch and then I watched transfixed as she made mayonnaise. Until then, I had no idea that you could actually make mayonnaise yourself. She kept sampling it and exclaiming how wonderful it tasted. At that moment, I wanted to rush out to the kitchen and make mayonnaise, except that I had no eggs, oil, and had never seen a whisk before. She was irrestible and my mouth waters at the memory of that show. What a wonderful person, filled with love and goodwill and enthusiasm. Au revoir!

Bill, Medfield

A classy lady who always seemed to have a positive view of life and people. In these troubled times, it's we need more Julias around us! May she rest in peace.

Ken, Newton

Julia Child was the sucessful, determined female role-model that all women should aspire to be. She was a master of her craft, but accepted her fallibility. She had landmark accomplishments during her lifetime, but never let her pride come before her humanity. And most importantly, she never "sold out" her name to place on product endorsements. Every celebrity chef who has ever made a buck on TV should never forget the reason why they are able to do so. RIP Julia.

Hilary, Salem

As a young child, instead of Sesame Street, I was fascinated by this black and white show with some woman cooking. I just soaked it in. Before age 10 I could cook most everything that I saw on her show. She taught me the love of food, the love of moderation, and joy of life. I was fortunate to meet Julia several years ago at a cooking concert in Portland, Oregon. She was still vibrant, witty and sassy. We spoke briefly, in French, and she gladly signed my original version of her first book. What a treat. I will cherish that book forever. Julia Child was my hero...

Jean , Deerfield NH

I had just sent off a birthday card to my very favorite teacher. I met Julia a few years after she had started The French Chef. I was a student in Cambridge and volunteered as an intern at WGBH. After a few months of doing all sorts of mundane tasks, I was assigned to The French Chef. It truly was a great experience. It has in many ways shaped my enjoyment of cooking and teaching cocking. In many ways I think the show still holds up so well some 40 years later. I was a guest for dinner at Paul and Julia's home in Cambridge many times--truly special evenings. She is irreplaceable and I will miss her a lot.

Thom , Denver

I once worked in her house in Cambridge for a caterer that she hired for a cocktail party. As famous as she was, she was one of the most down to earth people I ever met. She was also a guest many times at other catered functions I worked at and I had to learn to make her martini just right. She will be sorely missed. An Icon and role model for all cooks and chefs.

Ben, Boston

Shortly after moving to Boston in the early 90s, I was standing in line behind an unusually tall lady at the Tags hardward store in Porter Square. She turned around and, although I said nothing to her, she gave a very kindly smile to my obvious look of recognition, and then proceeded to pay for her purchase - three hammers. Naturally, I've always wondered what she was doing with three hammers, but moreover I've always liked the way it put such an well-known celebrity in such a simple and personable light.

Jeff, Medford

Juila was synonymous with fine cuisine and the leader of an art. Recognizable before cooking shows took off and it was a comfort just hearing the name, Julia Child. You will be greatly missed, dear Julia. Cheers to you - God Bless!

Lenny, Providence

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