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Pay tribute to Julia Child

Julia Child helped bring the intricacies of French cuisine to American home cooks through television series and books. She died Friday in her sleep three days before what would have been her 92 birthday.

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I think I watched Julia's very first show whenI was 9 in 1964? She made a hamburger dinner - hamburger patties and rice- I think? Well I was hooked on her- I have watched her ever since- rerun after reun after rerun and never tired of her antics- I loved when she used her wine and spirits in her cooking and drinking- she cracked me up. I loved when she wore the firemans hat when she was using a blow torch to brown the top of meringue or carmalize sugar-she had the best sense of humor. Julia was and always will be my idol- I am saddened by her passing- but someday I will meet her in that big kitchen in the sky.

Lil , Franklin

Watching 'The French Chef' in reruns on Saturday afternoons on Channel Two with my grandmother and sitting down to dinner, pretending that we had prepared our food from Julia's recipes. And trying to say "bon appetit" the way Julia did at the end of her show

Kristin, Orono, Maine

I'm 36 and Julia has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I came to know her during a time when there was an expansion of educational programming available on PBS. My mom, like others at the time, encouraged watching PBS programming. Her gentle manner, her class, and love of cooking and of her viewers taught us so much more than just cooking. In a prior tribute/posting someone else said that losing Julia was like losing their mother. Julia and my real mom are so much alike. My real mom passed in '91. I cried upon learning of Julia's death too. I have lost my "other mother". I will miss her.

Rob, Boston

I remember watching the french chef every afternoon when I'd come home from school although I've never been much of a cook myself, I was always impressed by how she could whip something up and by the end of the show there it would be and I'd think "how does she do that"? that's talent in my mind and there will NEVER be anyone else like her she was one of a kind an american icon who will be missed soarly!!!!!!

Emily, Brighton

Julia Child was a wonderful woman. I had the pleasure of meeting her once and what a thrill it was. I remember watching her as a child growing up. Her books and spirit will live on for a long time to come. I would love to see a day or week devoted to just her shows. She was a very graceful and gracious person. If more people could be like her, this would be a much better world to live in.

Steve, Cape Cod

Julia was the reason I now love cooking. It was such fun watching her work in her kitchen. The Queen of French cuisine will be dearly missed.

Joe, Quincy

I remember rushing home from school every day with my sister to watch Julia on PBS. She was a true lady with a great sense of humor...she never took herself (or her cooking) too seriously. If she made a mistake on the air, she would just laugh about it and show us how to fix it! I owe a lot of my love of cooking to her. Thanks, Julia, for showing us how much fun cooking can be! I will miss you.

Val, Winchester

What I remember most about wacthing Julia Child cook is the fun you could tell she was having. When I was younger my mother and i would watch her throw the rest of the salt in her hand behind her or flour or whatever it was and we always found that funny. And when we would cook we wouldn't care about making a mess and would tell my dad the great cook like Julia Child do it so it was ok.

Lisa, Wakefield

As a young adult I remember watching an episode and Julia dropped a whole chicken on the floor. She didn't lose a beat, she bent down, picked it up and tossed it on the cutting board. I learned so much watching her through the years; the most important thing was to have fun with cooking. The passion for cooking lives with me every day.

Thank you Julia for your humor, insight and for showing us all that food is fun.


the dropped food (chicken?) on the floor and then she put it right back on the plate... classic

Jeff , North Reading

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