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Pay tribute to Julia Child

Julia Child helped bring the intricacies of French cuisine to American home cooks through television series and books. She died Friday in her sleep three days before what would have been her 92 birthday.

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I remember watching her cooking shows as a child. She always made me laugh. We have truly lost a legend!

Lindsay, Leominster

When I was a kid I was always glued to the tv when she was on. Better than Sesame Street . Julia was a very special person and she will be missed.

Ren, Saugus

I learned so much from Julia, about food and entertaining styles. I'll never forget her demonstrating how to do some kind of fancy French pastry thing using a cooking tool which hardly anyone in this country would own -- she said, as nonchalantly as ever, " if you don't have one of these, just use a cat food can!" I'll never forget that episode and hope to see many repeats of her show in the future.

Gig, JP

I would stand in the kitchen and try to cook along with Julia, she brought fine french cusine to the masses.

michael, Bournmouth

Julia Child's reputation and fame transcended American borders. Growing up outside the US, there was only one woman whose name I came to know of as being in the league of world reknown chefs and that was Julia Child. Later on, Madhuri Jaffrey reached another level of fame esp. to British/European audiences but Julia Child was always the first lady of fine cuisine.

John , Arlington

We will miss you Julia; will never forget the memories.

Alison, Wareham

When I was younger I would watch Julia's show and eat cheese. I love cheese and cheesey foods. My favorite shows were when cheese was a primary topic.

Matt , Danvers

It was a long, beautiful run, Julia.
You are part of our lives forever!!
Long live the Queen!!

jane, New Hampshire

I used to watch her 1st PBS show almost fanatically during high school and into my 20's. I still use many of her recipes and techniques from that show. It was a classic of PBS and all TV and she will always remain a classic in the culinary arts. I will miss her.

wendy, Cambridge

In 1965 my then husband and I learned how to debone a whole chicken and that was the only way we ate chicken for years. A few years ago I attended a cooking class that Julia also attended and had the good fortune to have my picture taken with this wonderful lady, it sits in my office for everyone to see.

Barbara , Framingham

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