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Pay tribute to Julia Child

Julia Child helped bring the intricacies of French cuisine to American home cooks through television series and books. She died Friday in her sleep three days before what would have been her 92 birthday.

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I can remember watching Julia Child every weekend at my grandma's house. I really enjoyed the way she added so much pizazz to her cooking. She will be greatly missed by everyone.

chanel , Hyde Park

My table was next to hers while she had lunch at the Atrium Mall during the late 80's. She was surrounded by about 6 waitstaff - it was like a head of state had visited (which is what she was, really.) After lunch my lunchmate and I rode in the elevator with her. She was friendly and modest and I was totally starstruck!


As a child, I remember sitting on the floor of my living room waiting for Zoom or The Electric Company to come on WGBH and Julia Child's show would be just ending. How we laughed and learned as we watched that joyful chef work her magic. My siblings and I all learned at a young age that cooking should be a joyous thing. I have grown up cooking along with Julia and she will be sorely missed.

Lori, Winchester

I remember working at the Bob Slate Stationers store in Porter Square, which Julia frequented. Walking around the aisles with her assistant she seemed regal, and taller in person. Goodbye Julia, thanks for teaching millions how to cook!

Betsey, Western Mass

I remember watching Julia on PBS at 3:00PM when I got home from high school. I was fascinated with her. I learned so much from her - everything from basic cooking techniques to much more complicated ones. Even today when anyone asked me where I learned to cook - I always tell them "Julia". She will be missed!

Kathy, Chelsea

As a child, I loved watching The French Chef on PBS. She taught me that you didn't have to be perfect in the kitchen to make great food. What mattered most was the love and enjoyment that was put into the dishes. Thank you for giving me a life long love of cooking. You will be missed.

Dawn , Somerville, MA

Losing Julia is like losing our Mother. We loved her and have all of her books. The one thing that stands out in our minds is the great respect that Jacque Pepin always showed her.

Elaine & Ron , Boston, Ma

I remember as a kid watching Julia's cooking show with my grandmother. Anytime I hear Julia Child's name, I think of my grandmother and amazing food. I was always struck by the fact that Julia did not start cooking until she was in her 30's. That little fact inspires me since it is NEVER too late to start something new (and to become an expert to boot!).

Chris, Cambridge

My Mom and I used to watch her all the time.. She made us laugh a lot.. she put wine in everything..

tom , clinton ma

she loved her cocktails

Jeff, Natick

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