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Favorite spy show

Matthew Gilbert writes: "Let's get real. Sure, '24' is the CIA drama that gets all the buzz, but 'Alias,' so audacious and so plastic fantastic, is really the bee's knees."

It's pretty clear where Matthew's loyalties lie. Now we want to know what you think. Which spy show delivers the goods, and why do you like it so much?

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Amy Huie, Alameda

I love Alias and just gave up on 24. Syd and the gang are just wonderful at throwing you for a curve every week without fail :)

Elli, Winchester

Alias is the best. The unexpected permeates and tantelizes the viewer, and the plots and subplots are clever, if crazy. It doesn't really matter. Marshall provides comic relief amidst the chaotic briefings, Sydney pulls off another dangerous international mission, fights off the bad guys, escapes, and all too soon the last scene ends--ALIAS! --until the next week. Who decided to put a footballl game on tonight--how absurd!

Nancy DeCourcey, Jefferson, NH

ALIAS! It is by far one of the best shows that I have EVER seen. It is an amazing take on the old Mission Impossible theme.

Nicole, Charlestown

Alias - hands down the most fun that can be had during an hour of TV. Who would think that such a crazy show would have such amazing acting - but this cast makes the impossible seem plausible.

J. Idell, Milton

I tried to watch Alias but didn't enjoy it. I like 24 a lot even though it gets dumb sometimes. I think it's because I think Kiefer Sutherland is sexy. Which makes me wonder if more guys would like Alias because it has a sexy female lead.

ABostonGirl, Allston

ALIAS, hands down.

Leslie Haralson, Florence, SC

ALIAS. The fantastical nature of the show is perfect, it doesn't pretend to solve the world's problems, it is mostly about multiple love stories (Sloane and Emily, Dixon and his wife, Will for Sydney, Jack for Syd,Sloane for Syd, Vaughn and Syd) and about a woman who kicks a** and barely breaks a sweat nor loses her wig.

Cara, Washington DC

Alias - It's analogous to the James Bond series with action, cool gadgets, ever changing plots, and a great cast.

Don Papa, Belmont, MA

Alias, Alias, Alias. From the plot twists, the cliffhangers, and the wonderful actors and actresses, Alias is the best drama on TV today.

Jessica, Covington/KY

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