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Favorite spy show

Matthew Gilbert writes: "Let's get real. Sure, '24' is the CIA drama that gets all the buzz, but 'Alias,' so audacious and so plastic fantastic, is really the bee's knees."

It's pretty clear where Matthew's loyalties lie. Now we want to know what you think. Which spy show delivers the goods, and why do you like it so much?

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My vote is for Alias, it rocks!! I have been a die-hard fan since season one. The tech gadgets are off the charts and Sydney kicks some serious butt. If only Vaughn would dump his evil wife......

Lori, Quincy

ALIAS all the way! Sydney totally kicks butt every week and she does it all in high heels!

Amanda, South Boston

Alias, by far (though I do enjoy 24).

Todd Albrigo, Bristow

Alias all the way baby !

Chris, Somerville

24 and Alias are my two can't-miss shows of the week - two exciting, yet very different, spy shows. Alias is a fun, sleek, and glamorous show, highlighted by Sydney's weekly missions to every corner of the world, in which she always manages to look gorgeous in her disguise du jour. Yet the missions seem little more than an occassion to showcase exotic locales and provocative costumes (not that I'm complaining). 24, on the other hand, is an intense, gritty, roller-coaster ride of a show, that never ceases to surprise and amaze. Kiefer Sutherland has been amazing this season, particularly in his depiction of a man struggling with a heroin addiction, and Dennis Haysbert deserves more recognition for his powerful potrayal of President Palmer. The show's plot, while understandably far-fetched, always remains grounded in reality. The show keeps melodrama to a minimum while maintaining near-constant action and tension. Alias is a light, sugary treat, but 24 is clearly the filet mignon of spy television today.

Tom, Brookline


Alison, Boston, MA

JAG - not quite a spy show, but under appreciated for what it is.

GG, Milton

In the late 1980s, PBS had its adaptation of the Len Deighton classic series Game Set and Match. The protagonist was played flawlessly by Ian Holm and the series was true to the books. The books/series dealt with MI-6.

Jeff Clark, Germantown, MD

Definitely Alias. I couldn't agree more, although I've only seen parts of 24. It didn't peak my interest a bit, not like Alias had the first time I watched it. My parents and I are obsessed with Alias and our entire house stops at 9pm on Sundays.

Jaclyn, New Bedford

You nailed it. Alias rules. I was a big fan of 24 but this year I can't even watch it. Boring.

Sue, walpole

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