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Favorite spy show

Matthew Gilbert writes: "Let's get real. Sure, '24' is the CIA drama that gets all the buzz, but 'Alias,' so audacious and so plastic fantastic, is really the bee's knees."

It's pretty clear where Matthew's loyalties lie. Now we want to know what you think. Which spy show delivers the goods, and why do you like it so much?

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It has to be "Alias." The characters are always changing, yet Garner's Bristow keeps her cool while mastering numerous disguises as she jets across the globe in pursuit of nefarious wrongdoers or top-secret scientific gadgets. I eagerly await each Sunday night at 9 for the latest.

Rob, Youngstown

Alias. I used to be a big 24 fan, but last season really threw me off the show. It became so far-fetched and so repetetive that it became tiring just to watch it. So after the season premiere this year, it has fallen to the "click past" list on my remote. Alias, on the other hand, ROCKS - after a slow start, last week's episode kicked butt. Go Sydney! And thanks for having the guts to change the whole show around to keep the plot new. 24 could learn a few things from that.

Emily, Jamaica Plain

My favorite show is no doubt "Alias" , which I have been tuning in since its inception. It is great fun to watch and figure out what comes next in Sydney Bristow's life as a spy!! There are even group discussions on the train about what will happen next show!

Karen, Framingham

Alias by far! This brash, nail-biting, plot-twisting series flourishes in the tradition of the beloved James Bond and Get Smart franchises with 21st century flair. The complex characters, constantly evolving storylines, and technologically-awesome gadgets introduced each week keep the loyal fan base tuned in! When the show first started, I gave it a life span of 4 years - now let's add another 4 on top of that!

Joanna Dellaripa, West Roxbury, MA

Definitely 24!!

Amy Little, Tewksbury

Secret spy gadgets, amazing fights scenes, a herione who can kick butt while wearing out-of-the-ordinary outfits. Hands down, the winner is Alias! That one hour goes by too quick every week!!

Jessica H., Norwood


Janet, Quincy

I'm a fan of both shows, and think it's think they both work on their own levels. 24 takes more of an investment as it's a sequential hourly progression where Alias has shifted over time into more stand alone shows. One thing with 24 is that there are so many storylines, all involving different characters, that there is a little less development and more of a choppy feel to it.

Fred, Natick

Alias by far!

Sibyl MAsterman, Watertown

There is no contest here. ALIAS is the most creative, riveting and entertaining on television today. While 24 may keep you on the edge of your seat at times, it's real time format keeps it from allowing the characters to develop much real emotional depth. Killing off a character in the first season does not suddenly give her widower and daughter emotional gravitas. This comes from subtle and gradual development, provided on Alias both by the supremely gifted writer/creator, JJ Abrams, and by an astoundingly talented cast, whose interactions in the smallest scene are consistently more explosive and riveting than anything 24 presents over an entire season. Alias is a phenomenal show which has been inexplicably underrated and underexposed over the past two years. It's time for that to change.

Diana Z., San Francisco

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