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Favorite spy show

Matthew Gilbert writes: "Let's get real. Sure, '24' is the CIA drama that gets all the buzz, but 'Alias,' so audacious and so plastic fantastic, is really the bee's knees."

It's pretty clear where Matthew's loyalties lie. Now we want to know what you think. Which spy show delivers the goods, and why do you like it so much?

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ALIAS - Hands down!

Kamy, Cool

"24." No question about it. Plot lines. Drama. Action. It's a great show. Only one thing I do not like about it: Kim. Jack Bauer's daughter. Get rid of her. She's boring and her stories take away from the real action.

Christopher , Boston

'Alias', hands down is the best show. '24' is pretty good, but I think alot of the novelty has worn off after the first season. 'Alias' has the most amazing fight sequences on TV today, and every single one of the characters are interesting. '24's' characters are wooden and 1-dimensional by comparison. 'Alias' has brains, brawn, and beauty. Who could ask for anything more?

Michelle, Boston


Dave Patmore, Wall,NJ

Today's spy shows aren't as cool as the stuff from the '60s. As a matter of fact, my personal favorite was this show called "The Prisoner." It dealt with what happens when a secret agent, with all the information in his head, decides to quit the service. In a nutshell, he is drugged, taken to an oddball island, and assigned a number in an effort to keep him from spilling the beans. It was pretty surreal stuff (what with all the chess symbolism, giant inflatable balloon gaurds, and lava limp imagery) - but a hell of a lot of fun too.

Ignatz, Boston

absolutely '24'.

B, Somerville

Matthew, Your column in this Sunday's Globe shows me that if Jennifer Garner is the chameleon of action fantasy TV, then you are the chameleon of TV critics. To the man who reintroduced me to the word "penultimate",and who's wit I've enjoyed, I'm quite disappointed in your changing colors. Sure, Alias has its place and Garner is very pleasing to the eye, but give me a break. "24" still is the best written and thought out drama on TV. Oh, and by the way, I didn't realize Jack Baur was a "spy". Thanks for the heads-up! Here's hoping you come to your senses during this penultimate month of 2003. The clock is ticking...

Mike Souliotis, Methuen

24 continues to be riveting in its third season. Sure some of the dialogue maybe corny , the plot ,at times, unbelievable and Kim Bauer thoroughly annoying, but it keeps me coming back week after week. I am in denial that the day will come when Jack Bauer is no longer out there saving the world.

Tia, Cambridge

OK...for all of those who say 24 is far-fetched....did you ever watch an episode of Alias?! They are both far-fetched...thats what makes them great! 24 ALL THE WAY! Great twists and turns, you can NEVER predict whats going to happen!

Kylie, Allston


maya, ohio

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