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Past Boston Globe Pulitzer Prizes

The following is the list of Pulitzer Prizes awarded to The Boston Globe over the last 41 years:

2007 - National Reporting (President Bush's use of signing statements), Charlie Savage

2005 - Explanatory Reporting (The stem cell debate), Gareth Cook

2003 - Public Service (Abuse in the Catholic Church), Boston Globe Spotlight Team

2001 - Distinguished Criticism, Gail Caldwell

1997 - Distinguished Commentary, Eileen McNamara

1996 - Distinguished Criticism, Robert Campbell

1995 - Distinguished Beat Reporting, David M. Shribman

1985 - Feature Photography, Stan Grossfeld

1984 - Spot News Photography (Conflict in Lebanon), Stan Grossfeld

1984 - Local Reporting (Boston: The Race Factor), The Boston Globe

1983 - National Reporting (War and Peace in the Nuclear Age), the Boston Globe Magazine

1980 - Distinguished Commentary, Ellen Goodman

1980 - Distinguished Criticism, William Henry III

1980 - Special Local Reporting (MBTA operations' examination), The Boston Globe Spotlight Team

1977 - Editorial Cartooning, Paul Szep

1975 - Meritorious Public Service (Boston public schools desegregation), The Boston Globe

1974 - Editorial Cartooning, Paul Szep

1972 - Local Reporting, (Corruption in Somerville) The Boston Globe Spotlight Team

1966 - Meritorious Public Service (Controversial federal judge appointment)