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Take a seat at the table

What memories do you have of the food you grew up with, the food you eat now, and the food you share with others?

Kitchen Conversations is a project to document our storytelling about food. What we remember. What we choose to share. What we choose to omit––and why it matters. This oral history project operates in public and private settings to capture vibrant, first person-stories about food from the broadest possible range of voices, predicaments, professions, and perspectives. Our stories collectively illuminating about the central role food plays in our human drama.

Listen to a couple of our stories below then share your own story with us using the submit form.


My food story has to be my favorite meal of all time, and it is a meal that whenever I've come home, my mother makes for me. I was the first one to go get an education, and so it was a big thing for me to come home and, you know, my mother wanted to please me. And she would say "what can I make for you son? You know, I'll, if you want steak, you, anything you want you get the fanciest meal. don't worry about it!" And I would always pick a humble meal, which is cod salad.


All my life, I couldn't stand peas. So recently I went to a christening. And it was an outdoor christening. The party, afterwards, rather, was and there was a bowl of peas. And I thought to myself "Oh my gosh! Why is someone offering peas on a hot summer day?" And the woman that was standing right next to me goes "Oh my gosh! You have to try them. I can't stand peas, I cannot stand peas. You've got to try this, my husband made me eat it."

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