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Let's Talk About Food: Year-round events and lectures

We're cooking up our next events now. Check back soon for more information.

Past Events

Aquaculture 101
June 19

Could aquaculture become a big business in Massachusetts? Join Let's Talk About Food for a panel on the oysters, scallops, and other important sustainable sources of healthy proteins that could play an important role in the future of our seafaring state. Author, chef, and New England Aquarium fellow Barton Seaver will kick off the event with a keynote.

Gluten, nuts, dairy: Why are food allergies on the rise?
June 14

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 3 million American kids have food allergies, and the numbers are rising for all age groups, especially in industrialized countries. We know the “What” but we don’t have the “Why” that explains the upward tick. Our panel of experts will explore what science does and doesn’t understand about our increasing sensitivity to food.

Putting the label on the table
March 8-9

What should we know about what’s in our food and how it is produced? What considerations should inform these decisions? Are food labels a meaningful tool to encourage better choices? Join us for the discussion!

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