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The Cocktail Connoisseurs at Jer-Ne

A journey to the Ritz for classy cocktails

10 Avery Street, Boston. 617-574-7176

Group overview: If you are anything like us, single and living paycheck to paycheck in the city, you probably rarely have occasion to visit the Ritz-Carlton. However, sometimes it's fun to check out how the other half lives. This week, the connoisseurs did just that as we headed to Jer-Ne (pronounced Journey) at the Boston Common Ritz for a taste of this city's finest. What we found was definitely not your typical hotel bar. The solo business men at the bar were balanced out with several couples and plenty of after-theater goers. The atmosphere is mellow with intriguing decor and a great mix of unique mood music.

Although the crowd thickened by the latter half of the night, it wasn't nearly busy enough to justify the slow service. The friendly wait staff struggled all night with prompt drink delivery, and we found ourselves often socializing sans cocktail. The lone bartender mixed what he knew well, but couldn't create some of the less typical concoctions we threw at him. They were also out of ingredients for one of their signatures, the "Phantom Rose Martini." But overall, the cocktails, while a bit pricier than your average Boston bar, are exceptional. We all agreed that money really can buy you a superior pour.


Riley: "Jer-Ne does a lot of things right. From the sugared rim of my perfectly mixed 'Sidecar', right down to the hand soap in the bathroom, it's everything you'd expect from a bar associated with the Ritz. The service, however, is not. Even the waiter's corny jokes couldn't make up for the ridiculous lag time between drink orders."

Sulli: "Jer-Ne is my kind of place. I like to take my time sipping the delicious cocktails and soaking up the atmosphere. The refreshing 'Mojito' is the best in the city and well worth the time it took to arrive at the table!"

Margo: "Exotic drinks and a sexy atmosphere make Jer-Ne a good place for a good date. The 'Amethyst' martini is potent and tasty, but even its strength couldn't help me maintain the conversation momentum needed to compensate for the lapse in service. Therefore, Jer-Ne would make a bad place for a bad date!"

McD: "As you would assume from a bar at the Ritz, Jer-Ne offers an impressive and expensive cocktail menu. I went for the 'Hpnotiq Bellini' (pronounced Hypnotic), which is a concoction of champagne and 'fruit-infused' Cognac. The fizzy and refreshing cocktail was a perfect choice and definitely worth the price."

Baums: "I was captivated by the creatively dim lighting, intimate seating and world beats piping throughout the bar. The sweet and effervescent 'Flirtini' proved to be a perfect match for my mood!"

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