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Ask a local chef for your favorite recipe

Always wondered what goes into your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant? Post a question here and and the Boston Globe will try to track down the recipe on your behalf. Ask the chef ....
Basta Pasta white risotto recipe

White risotto from Basta Pasta

There is a restaurant in Cambridge called Basta Pasta which features the most wonderful white risotto with prosciutto and goat cheese. Would the chef be willing to divulge the divine recipe?
— Mary French, Cambridge
Chicken and broccoli rabe with fusilli

Chicken fusilli from Rino's Place

I would love the recipe for the chicken and broccoli rabe with fusilli that the chef prepares at Rino's Place in East Boston.
— Kelly Mattera, Revere
Goat-cheese stuffed portobellas

Portobellos from Magnolias

I'd like to get the recipe for the oven-roasted Portobello mushroom with warm goat cheese and pecans appetizer from Magnolia's Southern Cuisine in Cambridge.
— Robin C. Mason, Bedord
The Publick House recipe for mac and cheese

Mac and cheese from The Publick House

How does the chef at The Publick House make that delicious baked mac and cheese? I try relentlessly to recreate it at home but I'm never. Help!
— Kelly Andreoni, Revere
Boullabaise from Turner Fisheries

Bouillabaisse from Turner Fisheries

Turner Fisheries in Boston has the best Boullabaise. I was wondering how they make it.
— Linda Doherty, Woburn
Garlic Grilled Calamari at Franklin Cafe

Garlic Grilled Calamari at Franklin Cafe

You have a grilled calamari appetizer on your menu and it's delicious. How do you grill calamari to get those lovely crispy areas without making it tough? And, what are those slim white beans called?
— Jennifer James, Arlington
Flammekueche from Sandrines

Flammekueche from Sandrines

Question: My husband and I went for a wonderful dinner at Sandrines in Cambridge and we shared the Flammekueche appetizer, which was very good.
— Donna Roche, Hollis, N.H.
Seared Scallops at Sel de la terre

Seared Scallops at Sel de la Terre

The seared scallop appetizer I had at Sel de la Terre was the best part of the meal (and the meal was quite good!) It's served with corn, bacon, and maybe some cheese?
— Graham Eilberg, Brookline
Coconut mussels at the Green Street Grill

Coconut Mussels at the Green Street Grill

Can we discuss the coconut mussels at the Green Street Grill in Cambridge? Spicy, served with grilled bread, and not too much coconut. Perfect.
— Bray McNamara, Boston
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