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Roche Bros. sushi
Supermarket California rolls
Roche Bros.
34 Cambridge St. , Burlington, 781-273-3261
Supplier: Hissho Sushi
$5.25 for 7-ounces
This tied with Hannaford as the best. "Beautiful fresh appearance, uniformly sized, tightly rolled bites. Shredded cucumber is beautiful. Avocado is perfect. Sea legs taste like they are out of the sea and are refreshingly non-uniform," said one admirer. "Attractive packaging, nice balanced taste, right size," said another. The rice got a lot of attention, not all good: "Looks completely squished even before putting in my mouth." "The cucumber is bad and that is the only thing that is usually good about store - bought sushi." "Rice is a little overcooked, but ingredients were fresh." Others said this sushi lacked distinction. "Nicely packaged but utterly without flavor." "I couldn't taste the individual vegetables and seafood." "OK, not special." Which brings us to ginger: "Excellent. Not too much food dye and delicate taste." "White ginger, I didn't like the taste."
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