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Taste Kitchen: Supermarket Salsa
Newman's Own
Price: $2.09 for 16 ounces
What tasters liked: "More veggie taste." "Like the big chunk." "Sweetish, but OK." "Nice -- light spicy taste." "Has a curry undertone." "Sweet, smoky, intriguing."
What tasters didn't like: "Not spicy enough." "Bland." "Canned flavor. Lousy." "Candy salsa! Way too sweet." "Resembles spaghetti sauce -- where's the bite?" "Canned tomato paste taste. Not hot enough. Bland." "Too mild." "Strangely sweet." "Watery." "There's a weird insecticide taste. Just wrong. I'd rather eat ketchup on my chips."
(Katie Johnston Chase / Globe Staff)
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