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potato chips
Taste Kitchen: Potato Chips
We were on the hunt for the perfect picnic potato chip. Not one with fancy flavorings or cooking techniques -- we're talking something to go with Coca-Cola and hot dogs, a crisp, salty little number that practically melts in your mouth. We ruled out a favorite brand, Cape Cod, because we thought its kettle-cooked process put it in a hardier category. We did the same for Pringles, whose salty, powdery goodness is delightful but not in the same class as the thin puffs of potato grease we craved.

What we were after was what Lay's refers to on the back of the bag as a ''classic-style" potato chip. Another thing we learned from the bag: Lay's won the 2005 ''Best Taste Award" from American Culinary ChefsBest. Turns out my Globe colleagues and I have exquisite taste, because we agreed with them: Lay's was the favorite. And none of us could eat just one.


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