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Taste Kitchen: Pickles
Taste Kitchen: Dill Pickles
You know how sometimes you really love something, and then you start thinking about it and picking it apart and comparing it to other similar somethings, and suddenly you can't even remember what was so appealing about it in the first place? That's kind of what happened with us and pickles. We've always been pro-pickle, never turning down even the limpest sliver. But tasting six brands of kosher dill spears side by side (three refrigerated, three shelf stable) reduced our taste buds to a quivering, pickled pucker. Claussen was unenthusiastically voted the winner, and a few of the selections seemed downright revolting. Our advice: Buy one kind and stick to it. Comparison shopping just might make you doubt something you thought was true. —KATIE JOHNSTON CHASE
(Photo by Wendy Maeda / Globe Staff)
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