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Orange juuice
Taste Kitchen - Orange Juice

It's vitamin C season. With everyone around us coughing and sneezing, it's no wonder we feel a sudden craving for orange juice. And we'd like it to actually taste like oranges, not too tart but not too sweet. So what kind to buy?

We taste tested five, each the basic, low- or no-pulp version offered by its brand. They were surprisingly different. Tropicana, the expected winner, received only lukewarm praise. Shaw's house brand was twice guessed to be Tropicana -- which those tasters apparently considered a bad thing. And just about everyone denounced Minute Maid, the only one of the lot made from concentrate; people could easily tell the difference. In the end, there was a resounding winner: Florida's Natural, which is 70 cents cheaper per container than Tropicana, and which, most agreed, actually tastes like oranges.

(Devra First / Globe Staff)
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