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Hand Shhmura Matzoh
Hand Shmura Matzoh
Boro Park Shmura Matzoh Bakery, Brooklyn, N.Y.

$19.99 for 1-pound box

The large white box with blue lettering is striking. The appearance of these round crackers got a lot of attention, as did the texture. "Interesting shape, good color, more crackery, no flavor." "Looks like whole wheat, possibly Shmura matzoh, thin and dark. Doesn't taste as different as it looks. More dense." "Much denser and crispier. I like the shape. Don't think I could eat it for a whole week!" Another: "Artisan appearance, attractive, and distinctive. Very crispy and dense. Charred taste, no particular flavor." "Tastes like a cracker, not matzo. Dense, not too bad flavor." Finally, "thinnest and crispiest. No distinct flavor. Burnt on the ends."

(Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff)
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