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Taste Kitchen: Hot dog buns
Winner: Pepperidge Farm
$2.29 for eight buns

Several people picked this bun with “plenty of personality” as their favorite. It looks different than the others, with its “torpedo shape,” “crust on the top and bottom,” and slit on the top. Some felt these qualities made it look “golden and inviting,” while others declared, “Odd shape -- no dice.” “The chewiest of the bunch,” one taster noted. “Could stand on its own. Tastes like real bread -- almost.” This is a bun that doesn’t fall apart around a hot dog: “Springs back after a good squeeze,” observed one Charmin-inspired individual. The bun was able to win over the most cynical -- “Considering the wretched company, best of a sorry lot” -- but couldn’t win over everyone. “This is the worst of all!” one person declared. “SHAME!”

(Jonathan Wiggs / Globe Staff)
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