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Taste Kitchen: Hot dog buns
Taste Kitchen: Hot dog buns
Shopping for a cookout, we spend a lot of time debating. Ball Park or Hebrew National? Nathan’s or Oscar Mayer? Then, after carefully picking out the hot dogs, we head to the bread aisle and grab the first bag of buns we see.

Maybe we should pay more attention to that selection. All hot dog buns, it turns out, aren’t the same. They’re just almost the same. But the subtle differences between brands can really make a difference in the eating experience. Nobody likes a bun that falls apart or sticks to the teeth.

Globe staffers blind-tasted five different brands of hot dog buns to see which we’d invite to our next cookout. The winner, by a narrow margin, was Pepperidge Farm: These buns met with approval for their real-bread taste and almost chewy texture. Sunbeam was a close runner-up. But any of these babies grilled or toasted and buttered would do in a pinch. As one taster said, “A bun is a bun is a bun.” — DEVRA FIRST

(David L Ryan / Globe Staff)
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