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Can the freezer deliver the goods?
Can the freezer deliver the goods?

August 23, 2006

Guilty pleasure. Weeknight supper. However you see it, frozen pizza has become a staple for teenagers, harried workers, and snackers of all stripes. But can its flavor approximate that of a steaming pie straight from the pizzeria? Or, at the very least, can its flavor approximate something you'd want to eat regularly?

We tasted six different kinds to determine which are worth munching in front of the tube. It turns out that frozen pizza can't capture the flavor of a fresh pie; in fact, it shouldn't even try. The winner, by a mile, was Stouffer's French bread pizza. It's not round. It looks and tastes just like what it is -- French bread covered in tomato sauce and melted cheese -- and that suited tasters fine. Other pies looked more like the real thing, but appearances aren't everything. Just be yourself, frozen pizza. When we want a classic pie, we'll pick up the phone and order one. -- DEVRA FIRST

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