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Dark Chocolate
Taste Kitchen - Dark Chocolate
Green & Black's Dark 70% (organic)
Available at: Stop & Shop, Shaw's, Whole Foods
Price: $3.69 for 3.5 ounces
What tasters liked: "Decent flavor -- a little [acidic]." "Good bitter taste, actually tastes like chocolate."
What tasters didn't like: "Odd aftertaste." "Not even slightly sweet." "Natural tasting. . . . Bitter aftertaste." "There's a raspberry taste or maybe coffee? Doesn't taste like pure chocolate." "Awful lingering taste." "Really chalky." "Not very flavorful. Could use some oomph." "Oily aftertaste." "Too tart with a yucky aftertaste." "Too dark." "Just not palatable." "No -- this tastes mildly like rubbing alcohol." "Yuck. Is this for baking?" "Some off flavors left in mouth." "Strange. Not very buttery or chocolatey, as if the sugar hasn't blended thoroughly." "Bland." "Zero positive to say. Way too bitter."
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