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Dark Chocolate
Taste Kitchen - Dark Chocolate
Cadbury Royal Dark
Available at: Shaw's, Stop & Shop
Price: $1.50 for 4.5 ounces
What tasters liked: "Little aftertaste of cinnamon. Yum." "I like this one, hint of caramel?" "Could eat a lot of this in one sitting." "Not quite chocolatey enough for me but the creaminess makes up for it." "Mildly spicy. Soft. Pleasant on the tongue." "Melts fast." "My favorite." "Sweet, delicious aftertaste."
What tasters didn't like: "Too sweet and buttery for my tastes." "Not much flavor. Round, flowery taste." "Not quite dark enough in taste." "Not deep enough tone. Too much sugar for a dark chocolate." "The breakfast cereal of chocolates. Fake-ish." "A very odd coconut taste." "Nothing to write home about."
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