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Dark Chocolate
Taste Kitchen - Dark Chocolate
Trader Joe's 73% Super Dark (organic)
Available at: Trader Joe's
Price: 1.79 for 3.5 ounces
What tasters liked: "Serious chocolate -- rich, not very sweet, slight sourness." "Exotic, full -- flavor stays on your mouth and transforms after you swallow." "Right out of the bean." "Strong, dark taste." "One you eat slowly and sparingly." "Almost bittersweet, in a good way." "My favorite." "A classic dark: a quick, sharp sweetness followed by a mild bitter blast."
What tasters didn't like: "Nasty." "Bland. . . . Almost sour." "Almost bitter." "A little waxy." "Bad aftertaste." "Ugh -- this is supposed to be chocolate -- next!" "Foul. . . . Is there fruit in this?" "Didn't know chocolate could taste this bad. Good for a diet -- easy to resist." "Weird. No taste at first. Then . . . kind of banana-y? I'm not ape over this one." "A bit bitter without a lot of chocolate flavor." "Good for baking. A bitter aftertaste." "Horrible aftertaste, almost salty."
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