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Dark Chocolate
Taste Kitchen - Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has been shown to have health benefits, but we’re guessing that the people swarming around the chocolate taste test last week weren’t thinking about consuming antioxidants or lowering their blood pressure. They just wanted a fix.

Many of the testers fell into two distinct camps: those who like their chocolate a bit sweet and those who prefer it on the bitter side. Which is why we came away with a tie. Hershey’s reigned supreme with the first group, and Lindt took top honors with the latter.

Lindt has the least amount of sugar of the seven brands tested (11 grams per serving), while Hershey’s was among the highest (18 grams per serving). The most hard-core varieties boast the cocoa content on the front of the wrapper — all the way up to Trader Joe’s at 73 percent — however in the end it’s not the numbers that matter, but the warm glow chocolate gives us. And as you’ll see from the comments below, when we sink our teeth into a bar and don’t get that endorphin rush, we feel very bitter indeed.

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