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chocolate chip cookies
Taste Kitchen - Chocolate Chip Cookies
Stop & Shop Chip'ums
Available at: Stop & Shop
Price: $2 for an 18-ounce package
Note: The least expensive of the six by far.
What tasters liked: "Dry, chocolatey -- good." "Average but pleasing." "Good crunch, if that's your thing." "A nice (faint) hint of coconut." "This is my favorite, but not an overwhelming choice." "This one is clear winner."
What tasters didn't like: "Blech! Very fake coconut taste. Thin and dry. One bite was one bite too many." "No [underlined twice], quite inferior." "If not for chocolate chips can't even tell it's a cookie!" "Cardboard, tasteless, it wasn't even sweet." "Please return to the glue factory. Yuck!" "Is there chocolate in this? Oh wait -- there it is . . . I think." "Depressing." "Stale, old, and clinical." "A little sawdusty." "Slightly chemical taste." "The worst of the lot."
(Globe Staff Photo / John Blanding )
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