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Taste Kitchen - Marinara Sauce
Taste Kitchen - Marinara Sauce

Wednesday night. Middle of the work week. Must be time for spaghetti. In an ideal world, that would mean sauce made from scratch -- or at least good canned tomatoes -- simmered on the stove for a nice long time. In the real world, though, chances are it means opening a jar. But which jar? While premade sauce probably will never offer the flavor of homemade, there are acceptable substitutes, and then there are vile offenders.

Five Globe staff members blind-tasted six jarred tomato sauces, all marinaras. The winner, Newman's Own, was the best balanced and most well seasoned; Prego came in a close second. The others received lukewarm receptions, except for one: Classico's cabernet marinara. Its off-wine flavor was detested by all.

(Text by Devra First / Globe Staff)
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