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Dan Boulger, 19

What's your shtick?
I do short, one-liner type of jokes.

Such as?
I'm addicted to gum. I've started smoking cigarettes to help me quit.

Had you always been a wise guy?
A little bit, although I wasn't the class clown.

You're the quietest comedian I've ever met.

Next gig April 6 at the Comedy Studio, 1236 Mass. Ave., Cambridge. 617-661-6507.

Shaun Bedgood, 23 (not pictured)

What's your shtick?
I'm somewhat of a storyteller, like Richard Pryor. I have one-liners within the story, as opposed to traditional jokes. I just talk about what's going on around me. If I'm riding the train, then I talk about what I saw on the train. Or I talk about what's going on at work, pesky customers, weird co-workers, just anything that's relatable. Who doesn't ride the train or walk through the city and see crazy things?

How did you get started?
I can honestly say I've been performing ever since high school. I've always been the class clown. The loud person in the crowd. I got into college, and people started telling me, ''You should do comedy, you're funny.'' I was busting people's guts in the student lounge, and random people who were listening were telling me I should do comedy.

Who responds to your comedy?
I try to appeal to everyone. Right now my audiences are predominately white, but they're getting my jokes. I performed in an urban setting, but they weren't receiving me the same way. I figured it out. With black folks, they don't like the long set-up and premise. They just want you to get to the funny faster. Whereas white audiences, they're more prone to listen first, and then laugh. It's all about the set-up, but I pretty much target everyone.

Next gig April 13 at the Comedy Studio, 1236 Mass. Ave., Cambridge. 617-661-6507.

(Globe Staff Photo / Dina Rudick)
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