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Get out!

Sidekick's Meredith Goldstein was online Thursday, Sept. 13, at 11 a.m. to answer all of your burning questions about what's hot around the Hub this weekend. Consider Meredith's suggestions, then get out!

The transcript follows.

Meredith_Goldstein: Hi everybody. It’s Meredith with the Globe/Sidekick. Let’s chat about the weekend. There’s a lot of beer … and Beckett Bowl … anyone planning to go?
joe__Guest_: whats hot???
Meredith_Goldstein: Hi Joe. Beckett Bowl is the hottest thing tonight. The people have spoken and they want to see Hazel Mae bowl. My advice is to go to the afterparty at Rain to check out Adrian Grenier’s band.
Meredith_Goldstein: So many celebs (for Boston).
Travis_Bickle__Guest_: What is hot in the music scene?
Meredith_Goldstein: The English Beat is at the Middle East tonight. That's hot (to me).
Meredith_Goldstein: Pete Francis of Dispatch plays at Harpers Ferry on Saturday. That should be big.
Meredith_Goldstein: And Travis, I have this feeling that a taxi driver like you might like to see Mandy Moore. She's at the Paradise on Sunday.
A_Nickname__Guest_: Where is the best place to meet someone Friday night?
Meredith_Goldstein: This weekend, you’re best bet for picking up is probably the Sam Adams OctoberFest. The main event is Saturday, but on Friday night there’s a VIP party from 5 to 10. A lot of fun, a lot of people, a lot of beer to help relax the crowd.
The_Fliz__Guest_: Where should I take "Hotel Lady" this weekend?
Meredith_Goldstein: Please let the lady out of the hotel. Roslindale has a nice farmers market on Saturday morning, and this weekend is some sort of apple fest. Go at about 10. Roslindale Village.
A_Nickname__Guest_: How do I get into the VIP party?
A_Nickname__Guest_: Never mind, just found it. Thanks!
Meredith_Goldstein: Yeah. Not so much VIP. Just clever marketing to boost Friday a bit, I think.
fashionibizta__Guest_: do you recommend the Fashion Week Close party @ Felt tomorrow? I keep hearing all about it, and with Mash-up Mafia doing their thing and Modena Hunt Club spinning house, it should be fun right?
Meredith_Goldstein: I do recommend. I also recommend dressing accordingly. I think Boston proved it’s not just about Sox caps and sneakers this week.
reeba1977__Guest_: hello
Meredith_Goldstein: hello!
A_Nickname__Guest_: Where's the best place to have a celebrity sighting this weekend?
Meredith_Goldstein: Again, Beckett Bowl tonight. BUT -- George Clooney is in town this weekend. Best bet is to wait in front of the InterContinental Hotel on Saturday. Just sit there all day.
A_Nickname__Guest_: Done!!
Meredith_Goldstein: A, I'm kind of impressed that you're going to pick someone up at a beer fest Friday night and then get George Clooney on Saturday.
Affleck__Guest_: What are you up to Sunday? Got an extra Sox ticket with your name on it.
Meredith_Goldstein: I knew it was just a matter of time, Ben. I’m kind of a Matt person, though.
joe__Guest_: So what are you doing tonight???
Meredith_Goldstein: I will probably watch Hazel Mae bowl. Nothing like spending Thursday night in Malden.
Meredith_Goldstein: Also, I plan to hit up the shopping parties this weekend. Tomorrow night, there should be a good old-school hip-hop event at Puma on Newbury Street. And on Saturday, Barney’s and Saks at the Prudential Center are giving out snacks and free drinks to women shoppers.
A_Nickname__Guest_: Tonight I'm going to see Improv Comedy at the Cantab Lounge in Central Square at 8:30. Should be fun!
Meredith_Goldstein: A, you are all over town. I dig it.
Meredith_Goldstein: It’s actually not a bad comedy weekend. John Witherspoon is at the Comedy Connection. He’s that guy from “Boomerang” (I’m dating myself here) who kept saying, “You’ve got to coordinate.”
sotied: Have you covered the Scion event at Six Flags yet?
Meredith_Goldstein: There you go. So much Guitar Hero, these days.
Deb_from_Boston__Guest_: With the Yankees coming to town, where do you recommend for pre- and post-game fun?
Meredith_Goldstein: Well, my big recommendation for Game Night has been La Verdad on Lansdowne, which tends to have some open tables if you go early. Not your average BoSox crowd. And fantastic burritos. So, that’s the pre. For post, if you’re looking for the Yanks scene, you can head over to Daisy Buchanan's. You also might want to check out the new Cambridge 1 for snacks. It's in the Trinity apartment complex.
Meredith_Goldstein: Also, if you’re over there, it’s a very big weekend at Avalon since the club’s days are numbered. If you like electronic music at all, post-game on Friday, you may want to check out BT at Axis. He went to Berklee, dropped out, became a big-time DJ/music producer who wound up scoring movies like “Monster,” went back to Berklee to teach, and is now living out in L.A. But he’s here tomorrow night to spin and say goodbye to Lansdowne as we know it.
Meredith_Goldstein: Ok. You're all quiet. I'm going to go up and eat lunch. You can check this out for more ideas for the weekend:
Meredith_Goldstein: And if you have anything else, I'm at

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