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Get out!

Sidekick's Meredith Goldstein was online Thursday, Aug. 16, at 11 a.m. to answer all of your burning questions about what's hot around the Hub this weekend. Consider Meredith's suggestions, then get out!

The transcript follows.

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Meredith_Goldstein: Hi everybody. It's Meredith with the Boston Globe. What's up for the weekend? Need suggestions for things to do?
katydid__Guest_: what is a good social bar to go to in the south end?
Meredith_Goldstein: The Beehive is very social. Lots of mingling.
pedro__Guest_: Hi, what's hot this weekend?
Meredith_Goldstein: Lots of hot this weekend. My big tip is an outdoor dance party under the McGrath Highway on Saturday night. DJs, a light show, and it's free.
joey__Guest_: what are you doing this weekend?
Meredith_Goldstein: Eating. Cape. Possibly Goonies (at the Coolidge on Friday and Saturday at midnight).
katydid__Guest_: heard mixed reviews on the beehive has anyone ever gone yet?
Meredith_Goldstein: I have been over there. The good news is, there are a few bars in the place and people talk to each other. The bad news is, it's quite noisy. So you have to yell. But I like the fact that people seem to be open to talking to strangers.
Meredith_Goldstein: Pops, across the street, is good for a pre-night-out dinner, too.
Jess__Guest_: Hey Meredith - can you suggest somewhere for a girls night out? we're looking for good drinks, good dancing and no creepy guys!
Meredith_Goldstein: Guys, but no creepy guys. Good call. Hmmm. Not sure what neighborhood you're into, but Lucky's down by Fort Point has some good dancing Saturday night. I can't speak for the guys (the creeps are always out), but the drinks are good. Middlesex in Central Square is an obvious choice. Low on creeps. And, if you really want to just dance with friends and not care what it looks like, Golden Temple. Brookline.
Caswell__Guest_: hey Meredith, did you go to Syracuse?? Work for the D.O.?
Meredith_Goldstein: Yes. (That's the Daily Orange, folks. My college newspaper).
Kiddstyle__Guest_: Hi Meredith - can you recommend a good day hike that's dog-friendly?
Meredith_Goldstein: I can. I don't really hike. Or have dogs. But the arts reporter next to me does, and he says this:
Meredith_Goldstein: He says there were lots of dogs.
Kiddstyle__Guest_: Awesome - thanks!
Meredith_Goldstein: No prob. I once hiked Monadnock and consumed 3,000 calories once I got to the top, which defeated the purpose. Kudos to you for getting out there. With a dog.
Meredith_Goldstein: Ok. While you're all being quiet, I'll tell you about some other fun things to do. Sullee is rapping at a club in Raynham tomorrow night. He is a hip-hop artist from Boston who has been on VH1.
Meredith_Goldstein: He is, as his website suggests, "keepin' it real."
Kiddstyle__Guest_: HA - yeah. We have a Wheaton Terrier who needs constant exercise and we've covered a lot of ground starting near home in Beacon Hill to a number of parks etc. But thanks for the link nonetheless.
Meredith_Goldstein: Also, corn and tomato festival at Verrill Farm on Saturday and Sunday. I went last year. It's not just a family thing. It was very tasty. Good for a group of friends.
Father_Abraham__Guest_: What is Middlesex all about? Always looking for a new place for the 8 of us guys to grab some drinks...
Meredith_Goldstein: I'm concerned your 7 sons are not 21. But assuming they are, yes, all of you might like Middlesex. It's a trendy spot -- but Cambridge-style trendy. Dancing, good drinks -- right next to the Miracle of Science. So, you could get a nice burger at MOS (with jack cheese) and then go dance a bit. With the sons.
Gnl__Guest_: Hi There! Do you know any great breakfast/brunch spots in Plymouth? Heading out on late morning boat trip this weekend and would love to grab something before we go. Thanks~
Meredith_Goldstein: Actually, take a look at this.
Father_Abraham__Guest_: All 21. Thanks! Although they can't sing, and they can't dance.....but they do like burgers too
Meredith_Goldstein: 7 sons. Must be expensive.
Gnl__Guest_: Thanks!
Boston_Bond__Guest_: Hey Meredith, I am a big fan of your views
Meredith_Goldstein: Me too!
Boston_Bond__Guest_: Where Can I get a Date, I am 30 Smart and handsome but single? Which is the best place to pick dates for me.
Meredith_Goldstein: Wow. I think you'll do fine anywhere. By the water, there is a place called Tia's. Most of those people are looking for you. They are holding invisible signs that say "Looking for a date who is 30, smart, handsome, and single." Those people are also at Vox on Boylston. They're also at the Sail Loft. Just look open to saying hello and you'll do just fine.
YourDaddy__Guest_: What's hot this weekend?
Meredith_Goldstein: Hi, Daddy. Lots of hot. I may be heading over to a cannoli eating contest at Cafe Graffiti in the North End on Sunday. Hot/tasty/fattening. 2 p.m. All are welcome.
Meredith_Goldstein: Ok, everybody. I'm going to eat lunch. Enjoy the weekend. If you're looking for some volleyball action, check this out at WaterWorks: And -- if you have any more questions, I'm at Happy to help plan your entire world.