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When two readers wrote in to sing the praises of Brookline-native Al Norton's online column ``Two Tivos to Paradise," we figured it must be worth checking out.

When we found this declaration: ``As far as `[Beverly Hills] 90210' goes, I will be interested when the later seasons roll around [on DVD] as I was way more into Valerie than Brenda," we liked him already.

Norton, a 35-year-old real estate agent in Brookline and self-confessed TV junkie, has been posting his weekly column on the pop-culture website for three months. Every Friday he selects the biggest small-screen headlines, everything from casting to cancellations, and offers his two cents on the latest TV hype.

Part of the appeal of ``Two Tivos" is the headlines : big, bold-faced song lyrics taken from TV shows, Pat Benatar, and more. Readers just might Google their fingers to the bone trying to unearth some of his more obscure selections.

But the real draw is Norton's TV expertise. He grew up watching ``M*A*S*H" with his father and ``Laverne & Shirley" with his mother. As a child, he read TV Guide like it was a Hardy Boys mystery -- straight through from cover to cover.

These days, he spends his time in front of the tube with such critical darlings as ``Battlestar Gallactica," ``Lost," and ``Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." But he also fancies a few unexpected programs, like `` The Dead Zone" on USA.

``There's a lot of quality stuff out there if you look for it," he said.

Lucky for us, he's willing to do the dirty work.

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