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Lifehacker If Inspector Gadget got together with Martha Stewart . . . If ``Hints from Heloise" had a fling with Microsoft . . . The offspring would be, which offers ``tips and tricks for managing your information and time." If that's too dry, think of it as a techno-cocktail party for your brain. The site is updated several times a day with interesting, weird, and wacky stuff, from bits of bytes such as how to create a false identity in order to stump e-telemarketers to making cool wallets out of discarded paint chips. Though a lot of it is computer related, e.g., how to find free wi-fi centers when traveling in a strange city, there's also the practical how-to of power washing a deck without pulverizing the wood into sawdust. Like a shopping trip to Target, a visit to this site will supply you with tons of virtual ``stuff" you didn't know you needed. But in this case, it doesn't cost you a penny. The motherboard behind Lifehacker is editor Gina Trapani, whose motto is: ``Don't live to geek; geek to live." From the FAQ page: ``A `hack' is a clever shortcut or a lesser-known, faster way to get something done. A hacker believes . . . that it is a hacker's duty to share her expertise -- so we will." Though Trapani is the commander-in-chief, the site has bloglike qualities -- posting reader tips in reverse chronological order, for example, and inviting people to respond, which gives Lifehacker an even more party-esque feel. Aside from pure entertainment value, there's something for everyone. Well, maybe not for your Amish Uncle Jacob, but Lifehacker can't please all of the people all of the time. But it sure comes close.

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