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Julia Child

Julia Child:
Julia Child, whose warbling, encouraging voice and able hands brought the intricacies of French cuisine to American cooks through her television series and books, has died. She was 91.

Here she prepares a French delicacy in her Cambridge cooking studio on November 24, 1970.
(AP Photo)
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Photo Gallery
Julia Child
Julia Child: 1912-2004. (Reuters Photo)   Photo Gallery More photos
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Shortly after moving to Boston in the early 90s, I was standing in line behind an unusually tall lady at the Tags hardware store in Porter Square. She turned around and gave a very kindly smile to my obvious look of recognition, and then proceeded to pay for her purchase - three hammers. - Jeff, Boston
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Julia Child shared the passions, philosophies, and products of this kitchen in her home, with family, friends, colleagues, and fans for 45 years. Now she is sharing the kitchen itself with millions, having donated it to the National Museum of American History in 2001.
(Text from Smithsonian website)
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