Mel Gibson confirms Oksana pregnancy

Mel Gibson confirms Oksana pregnancy Mel Gibson confirms Oksana pregnancy
BANG Showbiz / May 26, 2009
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Mel Gibson has confirmed his girlfriend is pregnant.

The 'Lethal Weapon' star - who already has seven children with estranged wife Robyn - and musician Oksana Grigorieva are expecting their first child together this autumn.

Asked if the rumour Oksana is pregnant is true, Mel replied: "This is true. We're going to have a child."

US talk show host Jay Leno then joked the new arrival would be Mel's 29th child, prompting the 53-year-old actor to liken himself to Nadya Suleman, who famously gave birth to octuplets last January.

Mel replied: "Well, actually eight. I guess I'm Octo-Mel."

The star also opened up about his split from wife of 28 years Robyn, admitting he was to blame for their separation.

He said: "My wife and I, our marriage ended three years ago and we've been separated ever since then. These things happen. It's unfortunate, it's sad, but you know she is an admirable woman - we still got kids together. We're friends.

"Look. When it's all said and done, I did a pretty good hatchet job on my marriage myself. I'm to blame. If you're inclined to judge, put it here."

Meanwhile, it has been claimed Oksana's pregnancy had nothing to do with Robyn deciding to file for divorce.

A source said: "Mel couldn't be happier with the pregnancy. He loves being a father. This has nothing to do with the divorce. Mel didn't even know Oksana was pregnant when they filed."

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