Nick Cannon rages at Eminem

Mariah Carey's Eminem anger Mariah Carey's Eminem anger
BANG Showbiz / May 11, 2009
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Mariah Carey's husband has called Eminem a "homophobic has-been".

Nick Cannon is upset over the song 'Bagpipes From Baghdad' on Eminem's latest album 'Relapse', which suggests Mariah - who briefly dated the controversial rapper - should split up with him.

He wrote on his blog: "Not only has his music not evolved, but also homeboy is still obsessed with my wife. The same female that wouldn't let him get to second base from 8 years ago

"This so-called man has just disrespected and slanderized one of the world's most significantly influential artists, one of the most notable BLACK females of our time, the incredibly cherished, globally loved and world-embraced woman of color, Mariah Carey (sic)."

Nick - who is set to become a judge on TV show 'America's Got Talent' - also challenged Eminem to meet him for a showdown.

He continued: "Man to man, let's meet up and deal with this like adults. This is my invitation to you, whenever and wherever you like sir. So when you come out of your introverted hiding place and ask your bodyguards if you can go out and play by yourself, I'm here pimp!"

The Eminem lyrics which prompted the outburst include: "Nick, you've had your fun/I've come to kick you in your sack of junk/Man, I could use a fresh batch of blood."

Eminem and Mariah are believed to have dated in 2001, claims which she has always denied.

However, the hip-hop star used an answerphone message supposedly recorded by Mariah during his 2005 'Anger Management' concerts.

The message said: "I heard you were getting back with your ex-wife. Why won't you see me? Why won't you call me?"

After playing the excerpt, Eminem would pretend to be sick before launching into his song 'Puke'.