Vineyard wedding bells for Chelsea Clinton?

By Mark Shanahan & Meredith Goldstein
May 2, 2009
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Vineyard wedding bells for Chelsea Clinton?
Buzz is building that Chelsea Clinton will get married on Martha's Vineyard this summer. Sources on the island tell us that the former first daughter will wed Marc Mezvinsky at Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen's home in Chilmark this August. The wedding coincides with President Barack Obama's rumored vacation on the Vineyard. To prepare for the A-list affair, Danson and Steenburgen are said to be doing extensive renovations on their property. Vineyard caterer Jaime Hamlin, who helped throw a Bill Clinton birthday party on the island, said there's plenty of local excitement about Chelsea's upcoming nuptials, especially among vendors who hope to get some business from the Clintons. "They haven't called me yet," Hamlin joked. "Maybe they will." The young Clinton met Mezvinsky years ago through her parents. He is the son of former Iowa congressman Edward Mezvinsky, and like Chelsea, studied at Stanford University in California.

JoJo to Northeastern
It's official: JoJo is a Husky. The Foxborough-bred pop star, best known for her hits "Leave (Get Out)" and "Too Little Too Late," reported on her MySpace page that she's chosen to attend Northeastern University this fall. "In the past week I've taken tours and met with students and professors of other Boston-based schools, and now that the time to commit has come, I'm happy with the idea of being a student at Northeastern," she wrote, adding that she'll major in cultural anthropology. "My long-term goal is to gain a doctorate . . . but I gotta take it ONE step at a time!!" JoJo, whose real name is Joanna Levesque, could be in good company - LL Cool J was recently spotted taking his daughter on a tour of Northeastern. Other famous former Huskies include Jane Curtin, MTV host Damien Fahey, and Kevin Antunes, music director for Justin Timberlake. Fans will be happy to hear that JoJo won't let school stop the music; she's trying to release another album but has been held up by record-label legal issues.

Simmons shares vision
The Simmons College "Vision to Voice: Leadership in the Global Age" conference at the Seaport World Trade Center features journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Build-A-Bear Workshop Chief Executive Maxine Clark, and former US Surgeon General Antonia Novello.

Shaking up 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force'
The Adult Swim series "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" is getting its first live-action episode, and Worcester native Jon Benjamin stars in it - as a talking milkshake. Benjamin, 42, is a writer, actor, and producer who has lent his voice to the show before, as well as to "Family Guy." Now he gets face time as Master Shake, the self-appointed leader of the Aqua Teens, who include a meatball and a box of french fries. "They hired real-life actors," said Benjamin, whose comedy career began in the early 1990s in David Cross's Cambridge-based troupe. "They didn't try to actually get french fries to talk." The episode airs May 31.

Shooting for the 'Moon'
Duncan Jones, director of the new sci-fi thriller "Moon," says he and star Sam Rockwell had a similar upbringing. "We both come from fairly eccentric families," says Jones. Fairly? The scruffy filmmaker's flamboyant father is none other than David Bowie, the singer whose alter ego was Ziggy Stardust. (Jones was originally dubbed Zowie Bowie, but later changed his name.) "Moon," which was well-received at the Toronto International Film Festival, pays homage to sci-fi faves like "Outland," "Silent Running," and "Alien." During a visit to the Globe this week, Jones told us it's both a pleasure and a pain to be the son of the Thin White Duke. "It's been years of therapy," joked Jones, who ditched his philosophy dissertation to direct. Asked if he was in Germany while dad recorded his Berlin trilogy - "Low," "Heroes," and "Lodger" - Jones said he was. Impressive, we said. "Thanks," he replied. "I did it all myself."

Donnie talks business
Donnie Wahlberg will be at the Hard Rock Cafe tomorrow night to promote Jimmy Marsh, the first artist signed to Wahlberg's Donnie D Music record label. Wahlberg said his work with the local talent represents "unfinished business." "He's sort of a case study of the Boston music hip-hop scene," a sleepy Wahlberg told us by phone yesterday morning (it was 6 a.m. Los Angeles time). "There are talented people who for some reason have just never made it." Wahlberg said that after tomorrow's party, he'll start mentally preparing for the upcoming New Kids on the Block cruise that takes off from Miami on May 15. The New Kids are a bit frightened of boarding the almost-sold-out ship of crazy NKOTB fans, he confessed. "Not even the men's room will be safe."

Star of screen and real estate
We're hoping Diane Keaton gives us some real estate tips when she speaks at the Simmons School of Management leadership conference today. The Oscar-winning "Annie Hall" star has become known around Los Angeles as a real estate maven who buys big-ticket homes, renovates them into masterpieces, and sells them for major money.

Keaton told us she doesn't refer to her buy-fix-and-sell routine as house flipping. She lives in the homes for as long as she can before she makes a profit. "I'm sure this is a detriment to my two children," she joked, about the constant moving around. "I fix them . . . then I live in them. I want to enjoy every minute of living in them. Then I think, if this is an opportunity to make money. . ." Keaton sold one of her properties to Madonna for $6.5 million. Another Keaton home, a Spanish colonial, recently went on the market for more than $12 million.

Speaking of women in management, Keaton disclosed to us that she has a special soft spot for her movie "Baby Boom." The 1987 film had Keaton portraying a career woman who's forced to re-prioritize after inheriting a baby. Keaton said the film's message is important - she only wishes "Baby Boom" had done better at the box office. "It was disappointing because it wasn't a big hit," she said. "It opened against 'Three Men and a Baby,' which was a big hit." The glass ceiling strikes again. Keaton's next acting project is "Morning Glory" with Harrison Ford and Keaton's "Family Stone" costar, Rachel McAdams.

Bad hair day, Sasha?
Sasha Grey has made more than 100 pornographic films, but sit for a Boston Globe photographer? No way. The 21-year-old star of Steven Soderbergh's new movie, "The Girlfriend Experience," was unhappy with her appearance yesterday and called off a scheduled photo shoot. So we called off the interview. But we were in the audience at Brandeis Thursday when Grey screened the film and answered questions from LA Times blogger Scott Feinberg and eager male students. Many of her answers were unprintable, but Grey did acknowledge that her mom and dad weren't thrilled with her chosen career. "I don't think any mother or father would jump for joy that their daughter's doing porn," said the actress.

For Pete's sake
'For the rest of my life I hope to sing only for the children ... Kids are the hope of the future.' Folk singer Pete Seeger, whose 90th birthday will be celebrated tomorrow with a tribute concert at Madison Square Garden

Globe correspondent Terri Schwartz contributed to this report. Names can be reached at or at 617-929-8253.

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