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The Edge's penis pride

(BANG) - U2 guitarist The Edge is proud of his penis.

The rocker - real name David Howell Evans - wasn't jealous when his bandmate Adam Clayton was chosen to show his member for the cover of 'Achtung Baby', because he is confident in his own appendage.

When asked is there was any penis envy within the group, The Edge replied: "No, I think we're all pretty confident in that department. I'm happy, yes."

The 46-year-old musician revealed he owns a staggering 365 hats.

He said: "I have 365 hats at the last count, with 14 to 15 bandanas. My favourite one is a moleskin top hat that I wear on state occasions and when I'm driving my hearse. I keep them all in the hat wing of the house."

The Edge, who is married to dancer-and-choreographer Morleigh Steinberg, also claims he is a keen belly dancer.

He said: "She's shown me a few cool moves alright. But not in the belly-dancing department!

"There's some Japanese form, Butoh, that she studied which is interesting. I've gone to a few classes in Los Angeles.

"I'm obviously not very good. But it's pretty cool."

The couple - who married in 2002 - have two children together, a nine-year-old daughter, Sian Beatrice Echo, and a seven-year-old son, Levi.

The Edge also has three daughters with his first wife Aislinn O'Sullivan.

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