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Play the board with top pair

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Celtics slam dunk champs Dee Brown and Gerald Green were the guests of honor at a party thrown last night by Reebok and Boston sneaker boutique Bodega. The playas were celebrating the launch of the company's new poker-inspired R.F. Collection. (Each of the five models correlates with a card in the royal-flush sequence.) "I'm not really into poker. I don't know how to play," Green told us last night. "But the shoes are comfortable, you know what I'm saying? They're for style and hoop and all that."

WEEI offers apology
Facing a certain lawsuit, WEEI morning host John Dennis has publicly apologized for defaming a prominent North Shore family. The unusual on-air mea culpa is part of a confidential settlement reached this week by 'EEI's parent company Entercom and the Doyle clan, which includes District Court Judge Peter Doyle, retired District Court Judge David Doyle, and Essex County Assistant District Attorney Mary-Alice Doyle. The family was outraged after Dennis and his combustible co host Gerry Callahan falsely accused members of the Doyle family of interceding on behalf of a relative charged with a serious crime. "They made statements that 'the fix was in,' that my clients had made calls," said attorney Howard Cooper, who represents the Doyles. (Cooper, you'll recall, successfully sued the Herald for libel not too long ago.) "Dennis and Callahan accused my clients of corrupting their offices, which is highly defamatory." Predictably, WEEI program manager Jason Wolfe declined to discuss the case.

Composer's words hurt
If composer Nico Muhly's excited that the Boston Pops are premiering his piece "Wish You Were Here," he sure isn't showing it. Writing on his website, Muhly, 25, pans the Pops's efforts to publicize the show. "For those of you looking to get information on the Pops/BSO website, GOOD LUCK," says Muhly, who's worked with the likes of Lou Reed and Bjork. "[They] might have Jimmy [Levine] and a lot of money but their website leaves a lot, as you will see, to be desired." (FYI: The shows are Saturday and Sunday.) Muhly says the BSO's webmaster could learn a thing or two from the Metropolitan Opera. "That is an example of a performing arts organization who has really figured out its web presence," he writes.

A flavorful catch
Lynnfield's "Mad Fisherman" Charlie Moore yesterday launched his new Brigham's Ice Cream flavor, "Mad Fish Mud" -- a mix of coffee ice cream with fudge and caramel sauce swirls. The proceeds from sales will the Pediatric AIDS unit at Children's Hospital Boston.

Gilman not starstruck
Billy Gilman's got no regrets. So what if he hasn't had a hit since 2000, when, at just 11 years old, he hit No. 1 on Billboard's country chart. "Having so much success so quickly was scary," Gilman told us. "But I kept my sanity." The former child star, who still lives in his native Rhode Island, was in Canton yesterday, visiting campers at the Muscular Dystrophy Association's annual summer camp. "I love seeing these kids," Gilman said.

Oakes is a model of eco-friendliness
Summer Rayne Oakes is beautiful and eco-friendly. The subject of a flattering profile in Vanity Fair's "Green" issue, Rayne Oakes was in town yesterday to tout the benefits of sustainability. "When you think of models, it's easy to pick on them because of the glamour," she said before an event at the Foundation Lounge . "But we're trying to ring in a new movement."

Livin' to look good
Take a good look at Liv Tyler because she may not look the same soon. Steve Tyler's daughter, 29, tells Allure magazine she's going to have plastic surgery. "I'm definitely going to have some, I'm sure," says the actress. "Especially when you see what happens to your body after you have a baby." (Her son Milo was born in '04.)

Wild about Harry
Laura Greenly's impassioned two-minute video about her love of all things "Harry Potter" has landed 15-year-old Newton resident one of 10 spots as "Amazon Kid Correspondents." Greenly will join other Potter experts on the website and in interviews before the July 21 release of the much-hyped series-ender, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." We couldn't reach Greenly yesterday, but in her video, Greenly said she should be chosen because she made the video the day before a big college prep exam.

A senator of note
That Tony Bennett could get Senator Ted Kennedy to join him on stage for a duet isn't a stretch. But that the crooner could get any politician to sing "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie" is worth noting. Kennedy introduced Bennett at a Washington, D.C. event where the singer was being honored for his work on behalf of Aid Darfur.

ABC awaits Moynahan
At the moment, actress Bridget Moynahan is busy arranging the nursery. But when Tom Brady's ex is good and ready to go back to work, she's got a gig waiting. According to Variety, Moynahan has inked a deal with ABC that calls for the network to develop a "starring vehicle" for the Longmeadow lass. Seems ABC execs were impressed with her performance in the dearly departed series "Six Degrees."

Hilton prosecutor comes under fire
The city prosecutor who condemned Paris Hilton's early release from jail as a case of celebrity favoritism is now under fire for his own special treatment -- acknowledging that his wife was the subject of a 9-year-old arrest warrant until yesterday. The disclosure, first reported by the Los Angeles Times yesterday, is the latest in a mushrooming scandal that has engulfed City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, who sought election as California attorney general last year but lost to former governor Jerry Brown . (Reuters)

'O.C.' star engaged
Kelly Rowan, who portrayed a wealthy wife on "The O.C.," is engaged to Canadian billionaire David Thomson. Rowan, 41, and Thomson, a media mogul based in Toronto, plan to marry this year, according to her publicist. The couple met last year. Rowan portrayed Kirsten Cohen on the Fox prime-time soap "The O.C." The series ended in February. (AP)

O.J. manuscript posted
Lawyers for the family of Ron Goldman and a bankruptcy trustee say celebrity gossip Internet site should be held in contempt for posting a manuscript of O.J. Simpson's "If I Did It " book. The website and its lawyer contend the company did nothing wrong and that the manuscript was only posted briefly, though excerpts remained on the website yesterday afternoon. Simpson told The Associated Press yesterday he had nothing to do with TMZ's posting of the manuscript and that he never saw a final copy of his book, which was canceled by HarperCollins . (AP)

Delay in Richie's trial
Reality TV star Nicole Richie on Tuesday won a more than two-week postponement of her trial on charges of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, but the judge in the case said he would grant no further delays. A new trial date of July 11 has been set. (Reuters)

'Sarah' author says her tale was not a hoax
The woman who penned an "autobiography" under the pseudonym JT LeRoy testified yesterday that the tale of life as a truck-stop prostitute wasn't real -- but that doesn't mean it was a hoax. San Francisco writer Laura Albert, the defendant in a federal lawsuit filed by a producer who bought the film rights to her book, "Sarah," told the court that she began assuming male identities after a childhood marked by sexual abuse. (AP)

Broadbent joins cast of fourth Indy tale
Oscar winner Jim Broadbent has joined the cast of the fourth installment in the "Indiana Jones" series, according to the Lucasfilm Ltd.'s Indiana Jones website. Production began Monday on the film, which reunites Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Harrison Ford. (AP)

Thinking big
'Some people collect art. We collect houses.' Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, who owns homes in Bermuda, Manhattan, Majorca, and Quebec with her husband, Michael Douglas.

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