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Joss Stone's lesbian plans

(BANG) - Joss Stone is considering becoming a lesbian.

The 20-year-old, who has been desperate to be in a relationship since splitting from her first love Beau Dozier in 2005, is now considering giving up on men altogether.

Joss told Britain's The Times magazine: "I think I'll have to turn lesbian.

"Every girl my age wants to be in a relationship. I haven't had one in two years and look how that ended. I only wish I had something to tell the gossip columnists."

The 'Fell in Love with a Boy' singer branded her former lover "disgusting" for selling a story about their relationship.

She said: "Oh my God! Disgusting! Maybe one day I'll understand why he decided to do that, but right now? It's beyond my comprehension."

Joss, who has had four managers in the last five years, admits she can be difficult to work with.

She explained: "You could draw the conclusion that I'm unmanageable and it's probably true. I have strong opinions and can be very vocal about what I think.

"Managers say 'Guess what, I've got you a gig' but they didn't get it for you.

"It was your reputation and commercial standing that got it and they were just the person who took the call. So why can't I be the one who picks up the phone? I've got no problem at all with talking."

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