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Rob Corddry and Seth McFarlane in Aspen, Colo.
Rob Corddry (left) and Seth McFarlane at the US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado. (Riccardo Savi/Getty Images for Fox)

Politician feels website's wrath

As Deval Patrick is proving, there is no paucity of pitfalls for politicians. But when an ex-girlfriend starts critiquing you on, you've got a problem. Just ask state Rep. Stephen Canessa, who's getting skewered on the website by a frustrated former flame. Posting anonymously, the ex writes that the 26-year-old New Bedford Democrat "drops you like a hotcake when it comes to his job. He pretends like he's looking for 'the one,' but he's really just looking for an attractive girlfriend to accompany him to all of his events." Wait, it gets worse. "He lies, cheats and uses his job as an excuse for why he can't see you because it makes him 'stressed and too tired.' . . . Steve Canessa is a manipulative politician who treats his girlfriends like trophies." Responds Canessa: "I don't pay attention to that particular site or any similar sorts of sites," he told us. "It would end up distracting me from my business in the Legislature."

Stumping for the environment
What is it about the environment that failed presidential candidates find so attractive? Al Gore went green with his Oscar-winning "An Inconvenient Truth," and now John Kerry's joined the cause with "This Moment on Earth," a book co-written by his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry. Blurbed by -- you guessed it -- Gore, the book spotlights a new generation of "environmental pioneers" who're fighting to save the planet. Since he isn't on the campaign trail this time around, Kerry is doing a book tour, including interviews this month with Don Imus, Jon Stewart, and George Stephanopoulos, and an appearance in the People's Republic of Cambridge April 21.

'Black' cloud is silver-lined for Corddry
Boston-bred comedian Rob Corddry credits a high school buddy for his sense of humor. At the US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colo., Corddry gave a shout-out to Raye LaPlante, his former classmate at Weymouth North High School. "Raye LaPlante is probably one of the funniest people I've ever met in my life and I continue to steal from him," Corddry told us. Nowadays, LaPlante's a VP at CIBER and living in Rockland while both Corddry and his kid brother, Nate, are on TV. Corddry said he's optimistic that his brother's show, "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," has a future. "They're getting pummeled, but I think they're going to be back because 'The Black Donnellys' did so poorly."

Easy money from '5th Grader'
Holden homeboy Larry Rettig was cruising Craig s list when he saw the casting call for the Fox show "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" Retting responded and soon enough he was answering Jeff Foxworthy's nitwit questions on national TV. (Don't laugh: "5th Grader," which airs after "American Idol," captured 26.5 million viewers for the premiere.) Retting, whose episode aired last week, walked away with an easy -- and we mean easy -- $100,000. "One of the questions was how many teaspoons are there in five tablespoons?" he recalled yesterday. What will he do with the money? "Maybe I'll take it to Vegas and blow it, " Rettig said.

A tall tale
It was Ming and Mini Ming when Houston's man in the middle Yao Ming met Needham's Ming Lewis before Wednesday's Celtics/Rockets game at the Garden. Adopted from China as an infant, Lewis, daughter of best-selling children's author Rose Lewis, talked basketball with the 7-foot-6 center. The 10-year-old also gave the big guy two books written by her mom. . . . Combined Jewish Philanthropies chair Myra Kraft and husband Bob joined former NFL commish Paul Tagliabue at Kraft Family Stadium in Jerusalem yesterday. The occasion? The announcement of Israel's first tackle-football league, which visits Gillette Stadium in May. . . . Shrouded by a hoodie, Tom Brady was spied boarding an American Airlines flight bound for Miami the other day. . . .

The multi-talented Debbie Allen has been chosen by The Harvard Black Men's Forum as its woman of the year. The Forum presents the award to the dancer-choreographer-actress-producer-director-teacher at its 13th annual "Celebration of Black Women: Honoring Everyday Heroes" tomorrow. . . . Word is Lord Henry Mount Charles will make a few remarks before tomorrow's Celtic Woman concert. He owns Slane Castle in Ireland, where the women recorded their DVD. . .

Opera singer Barbara Quintiliani of Quincy was in good voice as she rehearsed with members of the Longwood Symphony Orchestra for tonight's concert at Jordan Hall benefiting the Seven Hills Groton nursing facility for young people with neurological disorders.

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