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Not wild on Tara

Did you catch lovable lush Tara Reid's heavily-hyped new TV show, ''Wild On Tara," last night? Andrew Joseph didn't. ''Nah," said the emergency medical technician from Millis. ''I don't think I'll be watching." If Joseph sounds hurt, that's because he is, and who can blame him? The guy's still smarting after being scorned by the ''American Pie" star. In March, you'll recall, Reid appeared on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show, and invited Ellen's male viewers to send in a videotape touting their attributes. Of the hundreds of submissions received, the oft-plastered pixie picked Joseph to take on a date. Great, right? Wrong. The actress, who once dated Tom Brady and was engaged to Carson Daly, never called. ''Nothing ever came of it," Joseph told us yesterday. ''I never heard from anybody." But then maybe that's OK. As host of E! Television's debauched travel show, Reid's meeting all kinds of men while jet-setting around the world. ''It doesn't look like she's changed all that much," said Joseph. ''It looks like she's still giving her liver a workout." And maybe more than that. In Mykonos, Greece, Reid eats sea urchins that are said by locals to be an aphrodisiac, and says of the experience: ''I thought there was no way I was going to eat one, but let me tell you, they got something going on there. I was like, 'Woo hoo.' " About his own love life, Joseph said all is well. ''I wouldn't go out [with Reid] at this point," he said. ''I'm very happy with the girl I'm seeing."

Here and there

Director Kevin Smith has a theory why he wasn't invited to his pal Ben Affleck's super-secret wedding to Jennifer Garner. ''I was supposed to be a groomsman and reader at the [2004] Affleck and [Jennifer] Lopez wedding," the ''Jersey Girl" director tells New York's Daily News. ''I figure Garner saw me as the curse that jinxed it and thought best to keep me as far away from them as possible." Sounds plausible.

Mark Wahlberg showed up at the New York premiere of ''Four Brothers" with girlfriend Rhea Durham.

Inside the mind of the Sox

Cashing in on the Sox is more than a cottage industry. In the publishing world, it's big business. But the authors of ''Mind Game: The Boston Red Sox & the Era of Intelligent Baseball" have actually written something interesting. In the book due out next month, Steven Goldman and the gang at Baseball Prospectus blend narrative and serious number-crunching to tell the story of the 2004 Red Sox. One revelation is the team's coldblooded commitment to winning. ''Sentimentality will kill a wannabe dynasty faster than Raid, and Theo [Epstein] is certainly not guilty of that," Goldman said yesterday.

Former first lady Barbara Bush threw out a ceremonial first pitch to her husband, former president George Bush, prior to last night's Sox game.

Rockin’ out

Leave it to Brian Wilson to sing a Christmas song in August. Performing at the Bank of America Pavilion this week, the former Beach Boy played ''Little Saint Nick," from the Beach Boys' 1964 ''Christmas Album." But weirder than hearing ''Little Saint Nick" in the stifling heat was Wilson's comment afterward. ''Merry Christmas, Boston!". . .

What's better than a box seat at a BoSox game? How about a seat on the stage for one of the Rolling Stones shows at Fenway. Tomorrow at 10 a.m., a limited number of single onstage tickets go on sale for the shows Aug. 21 and 23. The tix cost between $75 and $250 each, and Mick, Keith, Ron, and Charlie have promised not to put anyone to work. Check out www.rollingstones .com. Meanwhile, ignore those rumors of a secret club gig before their Fenway shows.

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