James Franco ‘embarrassed’ after Instagram fiasco

The Internet went bananas earlier this week after an Instagram conversation involving James Franco allegedly trying to pick-up a 17-year-old fan found its way to the worldwide web.

The 35-year-old Hollywood star started conversing with the teen, named Lucy, over the social media site after meeting her following his Broadway performance in “Of Mice and Men” on April 1.

In an Instagram conversation that leaked Wednesday, Franco asked Lucy about her age, relationship status and other facts only a creeper would want to know, before offering to rent a hotel room for the two of them.

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After receiving a ton of flack online for the fiasco, Franco appeared on “Live with Kelly and Michael” Friday morning to explain the situation.

“I was feeling awkward,” Franco said. “I guess I’m just a model of how social media is tricky. It’s a way people meet each other today.”

“I used bad judgment and I learned my lesson,” Franco went on to say.

While the fact that the actor tried to seduce a girl half is age is pretty gross, one has to wonder whether the whole situation is just an elaborate stunt for his new movie “Palo Alto.”

In the film, which is based off stories written by Franco, he plays a soccer coach who starts a love affair with a high school girl, played by Emma Roberts. “Palo Alto” is set to hit theaters on May 9, which makes the timing of this controversy pretty suspicious (not to mention that the situation occurred on April Fool’s Day).

Do you think James Franco’s Instagram fiasco was just an elaborate stunt? Sound off in the comments below.