State Representative Aaron Michlewitz said yes to ‘Roadrunner’ bill

We know at least one lawmaker who’ll be supporting Dorchester Representative Marty Walsh’s bill to make the Modern Lovers’ classic “Roadrunner” the state’s official rock song. North End Representative Aaron Michlewitz isn’t only a big fan of the song, he has a unique connection to the band. “I am a full supporter of making ‘Roadrunner’ the official Rock song of the Commonwealth,” Michlewitz wrote in response to a constituent. “To give you a little history, my aunt Ellie [Marshall] was a member of the Modern Lovers from 1977-1983 and Jonathan actually sang at my first birthday, so I am certainly happy to see him getting this type of recognition after all these years.” For what it’s worth, Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone has also weighed in on the “Roadrunner” issue. “Should Massachusetts have the coolest state song in the history of state songs? Absolutely yes,” he wrote on Facebook. Meanwhile, the song’s author, Jonathan Richman, has said he appreciates the gesture, but he doesn’t think the song is “good enough” to be the state’s official rock song.

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