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book review

Train of the damned

Saga of 230 French women sent to the death camps for defying Nazi occupiers

By Buzzy Jackson
November 13, 2011

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Caroline Moorehead’s A Train in Winter tells the story of 230 French women who stood up to the Nazi occupation of their country during a time when most of their fellow citizens either actively collaborated with the Germans or silently endured their occupation. Like Adelaide Hautval, many of them reacted instinctively to acts of violence. Others, like the teenaged Rosie Floch, were arrested for simply scrawling “Vive les Anglais’’ on the wall of her school. None of them could imagine the price they would pay for such acts.

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A TRAIN IN WINTER: An Extraordinary Story of Women, Friendship, and Resistance in Occupied France By Caroline Moorehead

Harper, 374 pp., illustrated, $27.99