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Britney Spears' Vegas concert set list revealed

Posted by Scott Kearnan  December 23, 2013 03:20 PM

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In case you missed it, last night E! aired I Am Britney Jean, a documentary about the making of Piece of Me, the hi-NRG choreography and pyrotechnics laden concert that opens on December 27 to kick off Britney Spears' two-year Las Vegas residency. (You can watch the whole thing here or below, at least for now.) But it also delved a bit into Britney's home life and — fleetingly but with greater honesty than her 2008 MTV special For the Record — her struggles with The Fame Machine. (The rise, fall, and halting comeback of the 90s-bred pop princess, and what it reveals about the America that created her, merits an entire book, not a blog post. No, I'm not kidding.)

The good news is, Spears seems as close to her "old self" as we've seen in years. Sure, her posture in recent interviews still occasionally betrays her paparazzi culture PTSD: when her shoulders hunch to her forehead and a pucker plasters across her face that looks like it is straining to withhold a vomit comet. But I Am Britney Jean proves that the goofy, endearingly awkward (when she's not consciously channeling "pop bombshell" playacting) Southern Belle of the Bayou is back. Or at least on her way. For real this time. No, seriously. She means it.

So to whatever flaming sword-toting warrior climbed the skull-shaped volcano, slaughtered the demon and stole back Britney Spears' soul: we thank you.

As follow-up to I Am Britney Jean, Spears' camp released today the set list for her Vegas show: 24 songs and not many surprises. That's unsurprising. After all, this is Britney Spears, not Bruce Springsteen; no one is clamoring for B-sides and rarities. The show kicks off with her latest hit "Work Bitch," a horrible tramp stamp of a song, and closes with "Gimme More," an awesome Danja-produced strutter that is a poignant finale to the show. (Its tragic 2007 MTV VMA staging was the performance most associated with her downward spiral, yet here it caps a Vegas residency: the sparkling feather in any showgirl's cap.) In between are a bunch of other songs that comprise one of pop music's strongest catalogues. Basically, if you heard it played on the radio sometime between 1998 and last week, it's in here.

There are a few notable omissions, like "Hold It Against Me," (one of her most recent number one hits), the ballad "Everytime" (which a memorable scene of Spring Breakers has now made acceptable to enjoy ironically) and the schmaltzy, mid-tempo early hit "Sometimes," which Britney now seems to pretend never existed — purely to spite me, I'm sure. Instead it's padded out with some album tracks from her best record, Blackout. Otherwise, it's about what you would expect. Check it out below: any in particular you love or loathe, Britney fans-slash-casual listeners-slash-abject liars who pretend they don't totally jam to "Toxic" on the afternoon commute?

1. Work Bitch
2. Womanizer
3. 3
4. Oops… I Did It Again
5. …Baby One More Time
6. Me Against The Music
7. Slave 4 U
8. Toxic
9. Circus
10. Scream and Shout
11. Till The World Ends
12. Piece Of Me
13. Hot As Ice
14. Boys
15. Perfume
16. I Wanna Go
17. Lucky
18. Stronger
19. If U Seek Amy
20. Get Naked (I Got A Plan)
21. (You Drive Me) Crazy
22. Do Somethin’
23. Freakshow
24. Gimme More

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