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Good Girl Gone Bad: Rihanna Hits Fan with Microphone

Posted by Scott Kearnan  June 19, 2013 03:45 PM

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Great relationships are about learning from one another. Like how to appreciate a new type of music, understand a new sport, or maybe make a killer souffle. Unless you're Rihanna and on-again, off-again (ex?-) boyfriend Chris Brown. In that case, I guess, you teach each other that when you get really frustrated with someone, you should probably just hit them.

According to reports, that's what Rihanna did last night during a concert in the UK. When an overzealous fan refused to let go of her arm, she whacked him (or her, it's unclear) with a microphone. And I'm talking a full-on, puts-some-bicep-in-that SMACK. The pop star forgot we live in 2013, when everyone has a phone with video capabilities.

You can hear someone in the crowd screaming, "Oh my God!" afterward. Rihanna, you'll notice, storms away immediately without continuing down the fan line. I'm sure she knows immediately, that was a horrible thing to do bad PR move.

How disappointing. As if you haven't already suffered enough by being subjected to a Rihanna concert, where she typically makes you wait three hours before phoning in her performance with, as this review from last month describes, a smug and listless sleepwalk set to karaoke tracks, she has the audacity to smack an over-enthusiastic fan. Even when she's invited contact with one of those queenly "now-let's-shake-hands-with-the-serfs" strolls by the stage.

Cue: the predictable defense from fans. Plenty of die-hards will jump to her defense, just like Chris Brown "stans" did to his. Cause that's normal. So let me cut you off at the pass: no, I don't know what it's like to be famous and have people invade your personal space, but I do know that if this is how you react, being famous probably isn't the profession for you. Especially when you make a point to get physical with fans, and you're being trailed by a big, burly bouncer whose job it is to intervene if stuff truly gets out of hand.

A few other points.

1) You don't hit people.
2) You don't hit people who pay to see you perform.
3) You don't hit people who reward your marginal talent with millions of dollars.
4) You don't hit people.

The end.

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