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Hook is Loose in Boston Clue #1
Three Sixty Entertainment's production of Peter Pan is coming to Boston, opening October 18th at City Hall Plaza. With never before seen 360 degree projections, spectacular flying and amazing performances the show is a "must see" (CNN). But not everything is as it seems. Peter Pan's arch nemesis, Captain Hook, has vowed to terrify you Bostonians, as he did to the residents of London, San Francisco, and Chicago. The infamous Captain Hook has already infiltrated the city, befriending the Mayor and now prowling the city to stir up some pirate like trouble.

Peter Pan normally keeps tab on the villainous pirate. However, with 8 shows a week and time on his hands Peter knows Hook could cause some serious trouble in Boston.

In this amazing, contemporary telling of the classic JM Barrie story, Hook attempts to capture Wendy to make her the pirates' mother (word to the wise Bostonian children, "lock up your mothers while the show is in town"). Who knows what else he might do...and now is your time to help the Producers of the show stay ahead of the "Baddest Man in Boston" by helping them find out where Hook will cause trouble next. Unravel the clues, win great prizes and maybe even be one of three grand prizes winners who will be on stage as a pirate in the production.
Include your friends in the hunt for Hook!

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Make way for Hook! Sources tell us he is on his way to visit a Mrs. M and her eight children at a famous Boston sanctuary. Where could he be headed?

Guess the clue correct and be entered to win prizes like tickets to opening night on October 18, 2011, American Express $100 gift cards and the chance for a walk on role!
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