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The Big Dig

The Big Dig is in good company. The Panama Canal is referred to as Teddy Roosevelt's Big Ditch. Taking the canal's cue, the Central Artery/Tunnel Project has been nicknamed the Big Dig. It is the largest construction project in the history of the United States. Three times more earth has been removed from beneath Boston than was excavated for the Hoover Dam and the Big Dig's workers will pour more concrete for its tunnels than was used to build the great dam.

It's hard to believe, but the mammoth project will be mostly finishing up in just 28 months. In the next year the Big Dig celebrates more milestone openings than in all of its last eleven years of construction combined. Once Bostonians and their friends drive through their new tunnels they will never know how they survived this long without them. With all of its remarkable engineering achievements, messy complexities, cost overruns, and political embarrassments, the Big Dig does two simple but crucial things for Boston: It increases capacity for walking, driving, and public transit, and it reconnects the city to the ocean and the neighborhoods to each other.

The Big Dig is creating nearly 300 acres of parks and open space.
 Click here to download a PDF with a map and listing of the planned parks (8 MB).  (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader)

The Big Dig - Facts

Who: United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration & The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority.
What: The largest civil works project in U.S. history
Where: Boston: 8 miles of Interstate highway construction, approximately 4 miles of I-93 between Roxbury and Somerville, and approximately 4 miles of I-90 between Chinatown and East Boston
When: Federal legislation passed 1987, ground broken in Boston 1991, completion 2005
Why: To reconnect the city and to alleviate traffic bottlenecks
How much: $14,700,000,000
Web: www.bigdig.com

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